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Re: Orphaned l10n/i18n-related packages

> Quoting Moritz Muehlenhoff (jmm@inutil.org):
> (from a discussion we were having in private about a few orphaned
> packages)
>> During my check of all orphaned packages also found a few packages,
>> which require the maintainer to be familiar in a language other then
>> English. Since you're the inofficial Mr. i18n, do you know
>> people in the respective translation teams, which might be willing to
>> adopt these spell checkers/fortune files? (This might also be a good
>> opportunity to get involved into packaging work since they're fairly
>> easy to deal with):
>> - myspell-sl (Slovenian)
>> - ifrench (French)
>> - magyarispell (Hungarian)
>> - myspell-sv (Swedish)
>> - fortunes-ru (Russian)
> Let's ask the respective -l10n- mailing lists. Only Slovenian doesn't
> have one.
> Maybe some l10n people might want to start with such packages.
> Also CC'ing Agustin Martin, aka the Grand Spoellchecker Guru in
> Debian, as most of these are spellcheckers.

I know Swedish and I've done some Debian packaging for my own servers
(i.e. not as part of the Debian project). I might try to give it a shot if
you tell me what to do with this package and provide good documentation
about official Debian packaging.


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