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Orphaned l10n/i18n-related packages

Quoting Moritz Muehlenhoff (jmm@inutil.org):

(from a discussion we were having in private about a few orphaned packages)

> During my check of all orphaned packages also found a few packages,
> which require the maintainer to be familiar in a language other
> then English. Since you're the inofficial Mr. i18n, do you know
> people in the respective translation teams, which might be willing
> to adopt these spell checkers/fortune files? (This might also be
> a good opportunity to get involved into packaging work since they're
> fairly easy to deal with):
> - myspell-sl (Slovenian)
> - ifrench (French)
> - magyarispell (Hungarian)
> - myspell-sv (Swedish)
> - fortunes-ru (Russian)

Let's ask the respective -l10n- mailing lists. Only Slovenian doesn't
have one.

Maybe some l10n people might want to start with such packages.

Also CC'ing Agustin Martin, aka the Grand Spoellchecker Guru in
Debian, as most of these are spellcheckers.

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