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Re: Where do you want my NMU radar to look at to reach 100% in po-debconf translations?

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (helge@helgefjell.de):

> For German:
> Grub2 (will soon be finished) and Strongswan

grub2: call for translations is going on. Responsive maintainer (Colin
Watson). No problem

strongswan: Harald Jenny is in close touch with me and responsive to
l10n stuff. You may just need to prod him a little. He's Austrian, so
should be concerned by German l10n..:)

> Then currently the two untranslated ones are moodle and partman-btrfs
> (new templates). Will there be a review or can we start working on them 
> (I see that moodle is beeing translated for French already)?

moodle just got reviewed in debian-l10n-english by Jonathan Wilshire
wo posted a call for translations in -i18n

partman-btrfs is a new D-I component. It was kept out of D-I general
PO files until the preparation of the released ended. I just included
its templates into the general D-I PO files today (along with
partman-ufs). So, this translation should be done through the D-I
process and will probably be catched up by D-I translators

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