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Re: Where do you want my NMU radar to look at to reach 100% in po-debconf translations?

Quoting Martin Bagge / brother (brother@bsnet.se):
> On 2010-07-16 07:50, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > Just go for it...I'm polishing the radar..:-)
> sympa and samba4 (I wish I knew a maintainer there...) are the two in
> Swedish that is not in the French list. Also, I finished the remaining
> HOLDs and ITTs today =)

Hmmm, maintainer of samba4, let's see...:-)

Indeed, samba4 is very high on the radar, but deciding what new
upstream version should go in is up to Jelmer Vernooij (he's nearly
half of upstream....). The version currently in unstable is completely
outdated wrt the current development of Samba4.

I'll try to target sympa (a quite common target for me, I'm

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