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Usefulness of manpages-es-extra

Hello Spanish translators,
previously all languages (including spanish) had its dedicated man
page translation project. This has changed, manpages-l10n now ships
man pages translated into many languages, including spanish.

There is, however, a quite old version of the previous efforts, i.e.
manpages-es-extra. I questioned the usefulness in #980885, but did not
get a reply from the maintainer.

I intend to do another upload targeting bullseye and I will have to
delete several updated translations because they will conflict with
those from manpages-es-extra. Of course, only some man pages are
updated, others (although very old) are only in manpages-es-extra.

Is this the best situation for spanish users?

(If not, I would need someone who could contact Javier
Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@debian.org> for further discussion, he
did not reply in #980885.)

Btw. Mario, the upstream maintainer raised this issue in January
already, but now the import happend and the man pages could be


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