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Re: apt-listbugs 0.1.27: Please update the PO translation for the package apt-listbugs

On Fri, 21 Dec 2018 18:28:22 -0500 jonatan porras wrote:

> Hi Francesco
> Archivo actualizado

Hello Jonatan,
thanks for sending the updated Spanish translation for apt-listbugs.

However, after taking a look at it, I have a number of doubts about it.

First of all:

#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:66
msgid ""
" -C <apt.conf>    : Additional apt.conf file to use.\n"
msgstr ""
" -C <apt.conf>    : Archivo apt.conf a utilizar.\n"

This is almost identical to the previous outdated translation, which
however did not include the word "Additional" in the original English
How can this English word be rendered in Spanish?
Also, is there any specific reason why you dropped the « » around
apt.conf from the translation (compare with the previous translation)?


#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:584
msgid "You must install a web browser package to be able to do this"
msgstr "Debe instalar el paquete de navegador web para poder realizar este paso"

Please note that the original English says "a web browser package", not
"the web browser package".
Is "el" an appropriate translation for the English article "a"?


#. TRANSLATORS: %{prog} is the name of a program, %{user} is a user name.
#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.r
msgid ""
"   <num>   - query the specified bug number\n"
"             (uses %{prog} as user %{user}).\n"
msgstr ""
"       <num>   - consultar el número de error especificado\n"
"                 (usa %{prog} como usuario %{user}).\n"

Please note that some characters from the comment got truncated somehow
(it was "../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:647", not
Please also note that you introduced some tabs, which are not
appropriate here (there are no tabs in the original English).
But anyway: the previous translation rendered "<num>" with the Spanish
"<número>" and other translated strings refer to that.
Moreover, "bug" seems to be translated as "fallo" elsewhere: why is it
rendered with "error" here?
I think the translation should be consistent.
How can this translated string be fixed?


#: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:661
msgid ""
"     w     - display bug lists in HTML\n"
"             (uses %{prog} as user %{user}).\n"
msgstr ""

This string is not translated at all.
How can it be rendered in Spanish?

Please let me know, otherwise I cannot accept the updated translation.
Thanks for your time and patience.

P.S.: please take into account that I basically do not speak Spanish,
so I may be wrong in some or all of the above. Bear with me!

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