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Cómo traducir "Disabling weak-end hosts issues"


Pues eso, ¿Cómo traduciríais el título "Disabling weak-end hosts issues"? Como
contexto incluyo los párrafos que van a continuación:

"Systems with more than one interface on different networks
can have services configured so that they will bind only to 
a given IP address. This usually prevents access to services when requested
through any other address. However, this does not mean (although
it was a common misconception even I had) that the service is
bound to a given <em>hardware</em> address (interface card).

This is not an ARP issue and it's not an RFC violation (it's 
called «weak end host» in 
<url id="ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc1122.txt"; name="RFC1122">, 
Remember, IP addresses have nothing to do with physical interfaces.

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