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Re: Corrección de errores en la traducción del instalador

(Replying to the English translation sent privately after the original)

On Monday 11 April 2005 12:08, Enrique Matías Sánchez (Quique) wrote:
> While translating the Ubuntu installer (based on a previous version of
> the Debian installer) I found many misspellings and a few incorrect
> translations in the Spanish .po file.
> Most of these mistakes have already been fixed at Debian, but I
> noticed there are still some errors around.
> I'm now working on those. What should I do when I get it done? Should
> I send the revised .po file to you or to the -l10n-spanish mailing
> list? Should I file a bug report?

The best way to get these fixed is probably to send a patch against the 
current PO file to the translators and the easiest way to contact them is 
probably through the d-l10n-spanish mailing list.

A bug report is not as usefull as the package [1] maintainer will probably 
not speak Spanish and so cannot judge the correctness of the patch. He 
will probably want to check with the translators if they agree with the 
patch before applying it.

If (which I do not expect) you should get no response from that list, you 
can try sending a mail to the debian-boot list to ask for help.


[1] Because Spanish is using an integrated PO file, the only logical 
package would be debian-installer.

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