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New: Databook of Fluoropolymer Applications

Fluoropolymer applications in the plastics, chemical processing, petroleum refining, food,  
pharmaceutical, semiconductor and pulp and paper industries are the focus of an outstanding new  
handbook.  This is a collection of data and information that stands as the only reference you will need. 
Order now at a special prepublication price. 
Fluoropolymer Applications in Chemical Processing Industries 
By Sina Ebnesajjad & Pradip Khaladkar, ©2005 
This complete compendium of information about fluoropolymer lining materials and structural piping  
and tubing contains problem-solving tools for chemical processing professionals: equipment  
manufacturers, plant operators, and product design and manufacturing engineers. 
Other available fluoropolymer handbooks include: 
Fluoroplastics, Volume 2: Melt-Processible Fluoroplastics 
By Sina Ebnesajjad, ©2002 
Fluoroplastics, Volume 1: Non Melt-Processible Fluoroplastics 
By Sina Ebnesajjad, ©2000 
If you have specific questions about these titles, please contact Brent Beckley by email at  
Plastics Design Library sends new book announcements on occasion to select individuals. Of course,  
if you do not want to receive such announcements, please REPLY to this email and type the word  
?REMOVE? in the subject line.  You request will be immediately honored. 
William Andrew Publishing, 13 Eaton Avenue, Norwich, NY 13815 

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