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Your Customer Service Request

If you have a general or account-specific question, please use our 
@nswerBox feature, located in the menu on the left-hand side of our 
website (www.datek.com ). Account holders can also access @nswerBox 
from the Account Services pull-down menu once they have logged in. 
E-mail inquiries sent to support@datek.com will not be answered. 
Please resubmit through @nswerBox. 

@nswerBox has many advantages over traditional e-mail. With just a few 
clicks you can find the information you need. If you cannot find what 
you are looking for, use @nswerBox to submit a case directly to our 
Customer Support team. A member of our support staff will provide you 
with a timely personal response and frequent updates on any case you 
submit, avoiding the delays that traditionally occur when sending 

Please resubmit your inquiry through @nswerBox.

Thank you,

Customer Support
Datek Online Financial Services LLC

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