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¡Atención traductores/mantenedores! Nuevo estilo en plantillas debconf.


por si alguien lo desconoce.

Con motivo de la actualización del po de clamav (Stephen Gran), Cristian
Perrier nos hizo saber que hay una nueva «Guía de estilo para plantillas
debconf» (DTSG) en:

Reproduzco aquí un fragmento del mensaje remitido por Cristian a los
traductores po de clamav y al mantenedor de dicho paquete (Stephen

OJO el enlace correcto es:


I think I forgot to point you to the Debconf Templates Style Guide
(DTSG) at http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/dtsg.txt

Now referenced in the Developer's Corner, it gives advices on the way
to properly write debconf templates....

The general rationale is giving all Debian packages a "common look and
feel" for templates style.

For instance, it recommands avoiding the use of constructions such as
"if you answer no" to boolean templates....and gives the reasons for

It also recommends the use of "open prompts" for string tempaltes
short descriptions, such as "HTTP proxy (leave blank for none):" or "IP
address the daemon will listen to:" rather than "question-style"
prompts. This is indeed not because "question-style" is wrong but
rather a matter of general consistency.

I also have a few typo comments:

-Internet is most often written with an uppercase "I"
-protocol names such as "HTTP" are most often written uppercase also


Un saludo.

Javi Castelo
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