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Re: Bug#251316: Debian installer install report

reassign 251316 exim4
retitle 251316 Spanish translation of templates has some display problems

> Comments/Problems:
> Hello, I am Ramiro from Valladolid Spain
> Tried linux26 installation, nice result this time. Detected all my SO`s 
> : Debian GNU/Linux, Debian GNU/Hurd and WindogXP.
> Almost everything translated into spanish, and the best, keyboard nicely 
> configurated into spanish.
> The only remaining problems were again that some configuration screens 
> were more than 80 columns width: the exim package and the 
> tasksel/dselect/apt screen.

Thanks to Margarita Manterola, the tasksel/dselect/apt problem was
fixed by shortening the sentences (please, spanish l10n team, have a
look at the changes I commited with Marga's agreement).

About the exim4 configuration screen, this is a problem we also has
with the french translation. You need to be very careful about the
hard-formatted lines. I suggest you use podebconf-display-po from the
po-debconf package for checking such stuff.

As the only remaining problem here is with the exim4 spanish
translation, I reassign this bug to exim4 with copy to the Spanish

Thanks, Ramiro, for your time are the care you took in writing your

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