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report: translated Packagefiles


It is running....

I have started a projekt to translate the package descriptions aka the
Packages files. I writed a mail server, you get a untranslated
description from it, translated the description and send it back to
the server. You know the story.

Now after 5 weeks, we have translated >12% of all package description
to german. And some translated sections in others packages. 

Now I process daily new (translated) Packages files and you can add
this to your sources.list file. 

Now I am waiting and hopeing to get this to ftp.debian.org and on the

If you would test it, this are the the possibles sources lines:
deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/description_translation/aptable de/potato main
deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/description_translation/aptable de/woody main
deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/description_translation/aptable de/sid main

After a apt-get upgrade, you have german descriptions in the APT
database, and you can search with apt-cache search etc. 

If you don't have other source lines above this lines, you have the
translations also in dselect, gnome-apt, etc.  (see some images on 

Also the advanced features are working. If a maintainer change a
description, the translator get a mail with the 
 - old description
 - new description
 - a diff output
 - the old translation
He translated the changes, and send this back to the server. 

Now we can start a new part in the story. After some checks, the
server support more languages and we can add fr, es[1], nl, jp[1], ...

Should we? Have we volunteers? Have we translators? Have we more
translators? (this is not a one men show...)

I speak only german and english (and both not well). So I need a
coordinator for the other languages. 

This coordinator, should translate the guide, monitoring the
translations, etc.

If you will start a new language, think about it! You will need time!

If you have questions, comments, etc. write a mail to grisu@debian.org
or to the debian-i18n mailing list. 

[1] There are some other projects. 'We' have translated descriptions
    in es, jp and maybe more...
    If you would translate this languages, don't use this service.
    Don't make the job a second time. 
    I can include translated description per script (this is not the
    problem), but ask the other projects first. 
    I will not killing other running projects!

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer http://www.debian.org
PGP: finger grisu@db.debian.org  -- Linux Sysadmin   -- Use Debian Linux
»Heute ein König - Morgen eine Schnapsleiche«

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