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Ojo a las marcas de traduccion [peter@softwolves.pp.se: Re: Debian WWW CVS: dmartinez]

	Parece que alguien se ha ido de madre :) David, no hace falta lo del
translation-checkl en intln/spanish voy a poner un .transingnore.

	Por favor, leeros todos, (y si alguien puede que traduzca)
w.d.o/devel/website/updtodate :)

PD: Estoy muy orgulloso de que se utilize translation-check :) Es uno de mis
"hijos" :)))

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Debian WWW CVS:

> 	spanish/international: Spanish.wml
> Added a bogus translation-check tag in order to avoid check.trans.pl messages.

No need to do that, just list the file as non-translated in a file
called .transignore in that directory (just list the filename on a sole
line). Compare swedish/international/.transignore

Or perhaps we should create some kind of special marking that
checktrans could recognize that a file is original?

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