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Re: Comment to /English/Computer/Debian/Aptitude Documentation Online by Lev Lamberov

12 марта 2013 г., 11:58 пользователь Lev Lamberov <l.lamberov@gmail.com> написал:
12 марта 2013 г., 10:11 пользователь Sergey Alyoshin <alyoshin.s@gmail.com> написал:
Я буду читать. А что насчёт 0.6.10?

Я вытянул git-репозиторий с alioth, 0.6.10 не нашел. Спрошу в aptitude-devel.

В po-файле есть несколько фрагментов, относительно которых я не уверен. Они отмечены как требующие проверки.


По поводу 0.6.10:

> Hi Lev,

Lev Lamberov wrote:
> > Daniel: Do you know by mind or can you easily list what of the User
> > Manual has changed between 0.6.8.x/0.6.10 and 0.6.9.x (as 0.6.9 is
> > > considered a dead branch) so that Lev has a chance to update those
> > parts to the current branch?
> Where I can find 0.6.10? I cloned git-repository @ alioth, but I can't find
> 0.6.10.
It's the planned version for the release after wheezy (and it will be
based on 0.6.8, bot 0.6.10 as I understood Daniel Hartwig).

It's likely possible that it's version number does not yet show up

For you I'd say the best is to follow the master branch, which
currently contains preparations for an release as far as I can
see. My main point was not to stick to the 0.6.9 branch.

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