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Re: Ian Murdock -- перевод имени

В Fri, 30 Mar 2012 21:01:09 +0400
Vladimir Zhbanov <vzhbanov@gmail.com> пишет:

> Он уже выбрал. Цитата из первой главы Debian FAQ:
> The project name is pronounced Deb'-ee-en, with a short e in Deb, and
> emphasis on the first syllable. This word is a contraction of the names
> of Debra and Ian Murdock, who founded the project. (Dictionaries seem to
> offer some ambiguity in the pronunciation of Ian (!), but Ian prefers
> ee'-en.)

"Ты не мудри, ты пальцем покажи".
На что меняем?

Best Regards,
Yuri Kozlov

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