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Re: Bug#465476: aptitude: Localized confirmation prompt is misleading

>> This is where the confusion comes from. The Russian translator did put
>> "y" as "Yes key" and "n" as "No key" instead of Д and н.

>  That is a problem, but it won't fix this particular case, since the
>prompt in question doesn't use a localized technique to test whether the
>user entered Y or N.  This is complicated by the fact that this is not
>solely a yes/no prompt; otherwise I could use rpmatch(3) to localize it.
>There are a good half-dozen possible characters the user can enter, and
>odds are that some of them are abbreviations for "yes" or "no" in some

>  I'm not sure what the best approach is; maybe yet another bunch of
>tagged localized strings that control recognized responses to prompts?
>  Daniel

You mean, the best way is to keep [Y,n,q] and
msgid "yes_key"
msgstr "y"

in the translation?

Yuri Kozlov

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