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Re: Please update debconf PO translation for the package samba

Это я удачно взял себе файлик на пробу :)

Как там насчёт вступления в команду?
А на алиоте отписался одному из координаторов команды, а дальше тишина...
Может стоит писать прямо на мыло?

> Hi,
> The translation of the samba package templates is shown during scratch
> installs of Debian when users choose the "File server" task.
> Therefore, it has been listed in the D-I "level 4" translations (indeed the
> only package in that category).
> The English templates have changed a while ago, and your translation has
> still not been updated.
> Samba package maintainers would be grateful if you could take the time and
> update it. Please send the updated file as a wishlist
> bug against samba.
> We plan an upload in the upcoming week, so we actually recommend that you
> update this translation as quickly as possible and send it before Oct.
> 10th.

Acid Jack
Freelance Translator

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