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Re: [Fwd: Please update debconf PO translation for the package console-data]

Quoting jetxee (s.astanin@gmail.com):
> I am sending my corrections to russian translation of console-data. My 
> changes are (I shall use English to describe Russian tranlsation):

I already received a fix from Max Dmitrichenko this morning. It
actually fixed the missing strings. See attached file.

Please come up back direct to me with a complete file which has the
agreement of the Russian tema.

> * language adjectives (e.g. `French') are now consistently at the first 
> position, details follow
> * country names are now consistently in brackets, like `French 
> (Canada)', because not all the country modifiers may be expressed as 
> adjectives and sound in a formal way in Russian
> * an exception is made for `English American' and `English British', 
> since these combinations are quite common in Russia. For easier layout 
> selection adjective `English' goes first (Russian grammar allows this).
> * all layout names are now consistently in feminine gender (`layout' is 
> f. in Russian, while `language' is m.)
> * _CH layous were renamed from `common' to `(Switzerland)'
> * fr-latin9 has been renamed from `French (with Euro sign)' to `French 
> (latin9)' according to suggestion of Christian Perrier
> * all SUN layouts received `Sun' in msgstr, all Mac layouts received `Mac'
> * fixed typos (a number)

It seems you make very interesting suggestions but I can't take the
responsibility to change all this unless the Russian team ACKs the changes.

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