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FW: package description translation == package description proofreading!

Sugestii foarte bune pentru cine lucrează la descrieri.


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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 13:38:46 +0200
From: Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at>
To: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Subject: package description translation == package description proofreading!
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 I would like to remind everyone working on package description
translation that in case you found something in a package description
that doesn't make too much sense, including but not limited to meant as
preformated text (like, lists) not prefixed with two spaces or sentences
that aren't sentences, or just an extremely short long description that
just looks like a copy over from the synopsis ... in these cases please
do *not* translate the description but rather file a bugreport against
the package at hand. This will help to improve the overall quality.

 Furtermore, such mistakes are often common to packages built from the
same source, so checking the other ones for similar problems and
mentioning them in your bugreport might be helpful. If you go to the
packages.debian.org page of the package at hand and click on the Source
tab at the top you'll be able to see them all.

 On the other hand, if you found a package description that seems to be
proper and translate it it might be a good idea to check wether the
package does build multiple binary packages with similar descriptions.
With that approach you can both reduce the translation effort needed for
the additional package description and also improve the consistency
through out various packages.

 Please send this on to your fellow translators not reading this
list. :)

 Thanks for your efforts!

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