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Re: Call for translations of debian-refcard (update)

W. Martin Borgert wrote:

an update regarding the Debian reference card:

Many thanks to Jens Seidel and Martin Zobel-Helas (de), Gunnar
Wolf (es), SZERVÁC Attila (hu), Hans F. Nordhaug (nb), Peter
Mann (sk), Martin Bagge (sv), Clythie Siddall (vi) for their
translations! (Did I forget someone?)

Work is needed for the other existing translations:

bg, ca, cs, da, el, eu, fi, fr, gl, he, it, ja, nl, pl, pt_BR,
pt_PT, ro, ru, tr, uk, zh_CN

For eu, fi and tr, there are translators, but maybe they could
need support. (Again, did I forget someone?) Contact me, if you
can help. Translations into other languages are welcome, too!

What to do first?

- Contact me before you start working on a translation. I will
  coordinate to prevent duplicated work.

May I suggest that the next time you should use podebconf-report-po (with the --languageteam parameter, too), so we can coordinate within our teams and this would take the load of coordinating off your shoulders?

I would like the Romanian team to get access to the Romanian translation so we can update it (in other words, please send the PO, or tell us how we can get it).

How to submit?

- If you have write access to the Debian documentation projects
  SVN repository at:
  just commit, but please, run "make tidypo" before committing.
  ("make tidypo" normalises the layout of the po file.)

- You can also send me a patch (with SVN revision number) or the
  complete po file via mail.


- For having a translation in lenny, you need to hurry! But of
  course, the work on the refcard will not stop with the freeze
  next week.

Many thanks in advance!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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