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Re: console-data 2:1.07-4: Unfuzzy gone bad?

Quoting Eddy Petri?or (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> During the review process of this translation, I was point out that
> there are several weird msgid/msgstr pairs. I think remember that in
> the past there used to be comments about sunt5-xx codes and how to
> translate, but now it seems wrong to have such equivalences without
> comments or a fuzzy marker. Could this be an unfuzzification gone bad
> (I see the same thing for other translations, too - Sid version).

Not necessarily unfuzzification gone bad. There's actually no strict
policy on how to translate the keymap names.

For instance, keeping, or not, the keymap name in parenthesis is
neither enforced nor prohibited.

I just modified the entire French list to actually remove these "names
in parenthesis" equivalence. Most of the time, there is no point in
repeating the keymap file name while we only have on variant per
language per architecture (with very very few exceptions, all motivated)

> 0 eddy@bounty /tmp/console-data/console-data-1.07 $ grep sunt -B1 debian/po/*.po
> debian/po/ar.po-msgid "Japanese (type 4)"
> debian/po/ar.po:msgstr "sunt4 - ?????????"

What you point here is mostly inconsistencies from one language to
another.... which is not something we recommended or discouraged.

I would say: define your own policy for your language avec that will
be fine..:-)

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