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Re: [Multi Language Debian Distribution]

On  9-05-2008, at 16h 15'29", Eduardo Cruz wrote about "[Multi Language Debian Distribution]"
> Hi. I am helping to develop a Multi Language Debian Distribution. I  
> would like to know what would be the best translation for "Start", for  
> the start menu, in Romanian.
> Thankful for your collaboration,
> Eduardo Cruz

Hi Eduardo,

I am not sure what do you mean by the start menu, but the word "start"
exists in Romanian and it means start (as a noun). If you rather need
the verb, to start whould be translated as "a începe" which derives as:

I start              - (eu) încep
you start            - (tu) începi
he/she/it starts     - (el/ea) începe
we start             - (noi) începem
you start            - (voi) începeți
they start           - (ei/ele) încep

If you rather need the past tence or the future tence just let me know.


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