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Re: Pagina despre noi

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 21:13:19 +0200
Eddy Petrișor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> wrote:

> Te rog să porneşti de la conţinutul „tradus” în engleză.

Am aici o variantă nouă. Comentarii vă rog ;)

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)
Title: Debian -- Debian Romanian Pages

Debian Romanian Pages

#use wml::debian::template title="Debian Romanian Pages"
#use wml::debian::translation-check original="romanian" translation="1.24"

# The contents of this page is completely the responsibility of
# the translation team

      <li><b>The Debian Romanian Localization Team</b> translates into
      Romanian Debian specific documents, packages' configuration
      messages and applications present in Debian. Any new members in
      the team are welcome. The coordination is mainly done via the
      debian-l10n-romanian</a> mailing list. More detailed information
      can be found on the
      <a href="http://wiki.debian.org/RomanianL10N";>RomanianL10N wiki page</a>.</li>
      <li>As there is currently no debian-users-romanian mailing list
      you are welcome to address any Debian specific questions in Romanian
      language to the <a href="mailto:debian-l10n-romanian@lists.debian.org";>\
      localization mailing list</a>.
      <li>There is a <a href="http://www.debian.ro";>Romanian site</a>
      dedicated to Debian.
      <li><b>Romanian resources not specific to Debian:</b>
      <li>Coordination of all the Romanian translation and localization
      teams is done on the <a href="mailto:diacritice@googlegroups.com";>\
      Diacritice</a> mailing list.</li>
      <li>For translating Gnome applications see the
      <a href="http://gnomero.sourceforge.net";>gnomero project</a>.</li>
      <li>For translating KDE applications see
      <a href="http://www.ro.kde.org";>ro.kde</a>.</li>
      <li>Romanian Linux Users Group: <a href="http://www.rlug.ro/";>\
      <li><a href="http://www.tmlug.ro/";>TMLUG</a> is the Timi&#351;oara
      Linux Users Group.</li>

<p>Romanian pages at Debian were changed to reflect the new Romanian orthography.
See <a href="http://bucovina.chem.tue.nl/reguli_ortografie/index-en.htm";>text
convertors</a>. About conversion to the new standard for diacritics
(comma below &#351; and &#355;) see
<a href="http://wiki.debian.org/L10N/Romanian/CommaTransition";>here</a>.

<p>Please contact <a href="mailto:debian-l10n-romanian@lists.debian.org";>\
the Romanian translators</a> for any issue pertaining to the Romanian

#Please contact Aurelian MELINTE &lt;ame01(AT)gmx(DOT)net&gt; or
#Ionel Mugurel CIOB&Icirc;C&#258; &lt;I.M.Ciobica(AT)tue(DOT)nl&gt;
#for any issue pertaining to the Romanian translation.

# <!--My lastname is Ciobîcã in iso8859-2 or iso8859-16. When you use
# other encoding, you have to write Ciob&icirc;c&#258; or CIOB&Icirc;C&259; for
# capitals. In unicode (UTF-8) it is CiobîcÄ?. -->

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