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[Fwd: Re: shadow: passwd and password]

cam asa a sunat raspunsul in legatura cu dilema noastra (adica a mea si a lui eddy), dar nu e prea lamuritor:

CC: to shadow@pld.org.pl

On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, Sorin B. wrote:

i have a question for you, maybe you can help me.

in shadow.po, in several places there are words "passwd" and "passwords", in
situations like this:

% s: can't open password file\n
% s: can't update password file\n
% s: can't rewrite password file\n
Cannot lock the password file; try again later.\n
Error updating the password entry.\n
Cannot commit password file changes.\n

% s: can't lock passwd file\n
% s: can't open passwd file\n
% s: can't update passwd entry for %s\n
% s: can't update passwd file\n

the question is:  when is write "passwd" or "password", meaning is "user
accounts file"(/etc/passwd) or "passwords file" (/etc/shadow)?

Probably best way will be change both group of cases to generic form like:

%s: can't open %s\n
%s: can't update %s\n

Why ? because I plan change in future shadow code to handle also LDAP, NIS and other NSS type databases and it will allow form from this messages like:

pwck: can't open /etc/passwd file
pwck: can't open /etc/shadow file
pwck: can't open passwd NIS map
pwck: can't open shadow NIS map
pwck: can't open group NIS map
pwck: can't open LDAP database

Probably change this to this generic forms it will be not easy .. but some deeper reorganization of shadow code it is only matter of time.


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