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Re: Bug#305282: [L10N:ro]Call for upload/RO translation still in BTS

Quoting Eddy Petrisor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> You mean that sarge will _never_ get other translatoin than the one that is now?
> AFAIR, the update policy for stable is the same as for freeze time:
> RC + translations + typo fixes are acceptable. Am I mistaking?

Yes, you are wrong. When sarge will have been released, the update
policy does not include translation udpates, at this moment.

> Isn't there an RC that should be fixed for this package and get the
> translation in, too?  :) / :(

No and I don't really hope there will be one.

> > There is a Romanian translation for shadow in sarge...so, well ,the
> > most important is achieved, isn't it?
> I hope so... I don't quite remember if the transaltion was complete or
> no, or if it was any good..

It is complete. Good, I can't tell...

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