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Re: Bug#810010: kinect-audio-setup: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation

On 05-01-2016 17:20, Antonio Ospite wrote:
> On Tue, 05 Jan 2016 12:24:16 -0200
> Leonardo Rocha <leonardossr@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Package: kinect-audio-setup
>> Tags: l10n patch
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Hello,
>> Please, Could you update the Brazilian Portuguese Translation?
>> Attached you will find the file pt_BR.po. It is UTF-8 encoded and it is
>> tested with msgfmt and podebconf-display-po.
>> Kind regards.
> Hi Leonardo,
> the package already contains a Portuguese translation.
> Do we really need a separate one for Brazilian Portuguese?
> I am just curios, I have no problem in adding it. :)
> As soon as your reply me I'll try to have a new package uploaded.
> Thanks,
>    Antonio

Hi Antonio,

I didn't know that the package already exists. If is a Brazilian
Portugues package I think it's not necessary to reply it but it's not, I
believe that it's appropriate to reply because we have some diffences
betwen Portuguese packages as you know. If you haven't any problem to
add... so add please.

I'll see and sending new e-mail for you, can be?

See ya,

Leonardo Rocha

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