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Re: Creating brazilian from portuguese (big commit ahead)

On 07/29/2011 11:17 AM, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
Hi! :)

Hi Faw!

    The Portuguese community of translators inside Debian decide it
would be better to have two different languages in the website, one for
Portuguese (as spoken in Portugal) and one for the Brazilian Portuguese.

Continuing the subject of your email and taking this opportunity, I want in my
name and on behalf of all the Portuguese Team (from Portugal) to publicly
thank you for your work and for taking the first steps on the future "split" pt_PT / pt_BR,
regarding this time the website.

    The trick part is that the current portuguese directory has been
used by Brazilian translators for some years.  To align with other
efforts and reorganizations, Brazil Translation Team will move to a
new directory and Portugal Translation Team will take portuguese.

I have to refer that collaboration between Faw and the Portuguese (Portugal)
Team come from some years ago now and it was always a pleasure one.

We will help in any way we can and do the redirection work needed to keep
both mailing list sharp and running with the less side effect. Some work have already been done and constant contact is made on #debian-l10n-br (main channel)
and #debian-l10n-pt (new) OTFC IRC channels so we can keep track of each
others progress and see how is running.

    I will commit today/tomorrow the Brazilian tree, I'm finishing
doing some tests and coordinating with WWW Team here at DebConf to try
to get a smooth transition.

Thank you once again.

Funny how a "split" between two languages, can join so much in terms of
collaboration between two different teams.
Hope this last long years to come, beside the "split" :D

    I want to apologize in advance for any breakage or problems that
this changes may cause (let's hope it happens without much noise). :-)

Kind regards,

Since I'm CC'ing some other lists I want to leave here the contacts from
the Portuguese Team (from Portugal), so any problem, or other issue
can be easily solved.

Rui Branco ( ruipb _at_ debianpt _dot_ org ) ( aka ruipb on IRC)
Miguel Figueiredo ( elmig _at_ debianpt _dot_ org) (aka elmig on IRC)
Pedro Ribeiro ( p.m42.ribeiro _at_ gmail _dot_ com) (aka m42 in IRC)

"Um abraço de Portugal" and enjoy the rest of the conference,

Rui Branco

Rui Branco
"TraduzPT" - Portuguese Translation Team

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