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Re: Creating brazilian from portuguese (big commit ahead)

> Hi! :)

Hi Felipe, I hope you are enjoying Debconf. :)

> 	The Portuguese community of translators inside Debian decide it
> would be better to have two different languages in the website, one for
> Portuguese (as spoken in Portugal) and one for the Brazilian Portuguese.
> 	The trick part is that the current portuguese directory has been
> used by Brazilian translators for some years.  To align with other
> efforts and reorganizations, Brazil Translation Team will move to a
> new directory and Portugal Translation Team will take portuguese.

We look forward to this!

> 	I will commit today/tomorrow the Brazilian tree, I'm finishing
> doing some tests and coordinating with WWW Team here at DebConf to try
> to get a smooth transition.

If you need some help, you can count on us.

Best wishes and conference,

Eder L. Marques (frolic)

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