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Re: Bug#576309: installation-reports: [pt_BR] A mistake in grub-pc configuration phase

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply.

2010/4/3 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:

> While I'm OK with s/hda/sdc5, I don't agree with other changes:
> - the original English talks about "extended partition" which seems to
> have been translated to "partição estendida" in the installer.

Right. But you can't put data into an extended partition and because
it I am suggesting to use logical instead of extended. I think the
word "extended" can confuse the users.

> Also,
> the original says "here SCSI" so "aqui SCSI" as translation seems
> correct


> What you suggest implicitly is to mention that "sdc5" might be either
> an SCSI or SATA partition *in the original string*. That seems correct
> but needs to be discussed with the D-I team.
> Indeed, nowadays, "sdc<n>" is o longer SCSI only so that mimght need
> rephrasing in several places.

I agree with your idea. But think that newbies may not know about it
and a purpose of the d-i is to be very easy to all. So I think the
SATA word can be added to description as an extra help to new users.
It is modern because SATA is a recent technology. It is relevant as
additional information to users that don't know SCSI-SATA concepts.
The intent is update the description to make the GRUB installation
more friendly.

 Let's also CC the Brazilian l10n team so that they can comment
> (particularly on "estendida" vs "logica".


Thank you for considering my suggestions (all or not).

Kind regards,

Eriberto - Brazil

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