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wifi-radar debconf translation to Brazilian Portuguese?

In #440202, Marcelo Cavalcante sent a bug report for a Brazilian
debconf translation of wifi-radar.

However, he forgot attaching the pt_BR.po file to the bug report..:-)

Then, Patrick, the package maintainer asked about the file....but just
mailed the bug report and not the bug submitter.....who then had no
chance to react.

As a consequence, this bug is opened since August 2007 and should
either be closed is noone can find a pt_BR.po file for
wifi-radar....or completed with such file.

May you sort this out, Marcelo...or someone from the Brazilian l10n
team ?

In case, noone answers, I think that you can then close the bug,

Possible alternative: I can organize a translation update round. Even
if no pt_BR.po file comes, I can guarantee that other files will come
(fi, gl, ru at least).


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