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Re: Follow-up

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On 07/28/2007 04:55 AM, David Moreno Garza wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to make a little follow up on this request[2]. For those who were
> not aware of this bug, some Portuguese fellow contributors, are asking
> to "fork" the debian-l10n-portuguese into something like
> debian-l10n-european-portuguese. People interested should read [1].

	Indeed. The original idea it to give room to European
Portuguese but recently I've been wondering about the opposite
giving the huge installed base.

> Is there any further discussion about this? Any extra rationale? If most
> of the people agrees, I think we could create the new mailing list
> right away. The Portuguese people suggested to create a new mailing list
> for themselves specially, since given the amount of work already done
> and being done by Brazilians, it'd make easier for Portuguese to
> migrate, than the opposite.

	We had some discussions in private and we really agree
on most of points. But there are some final formalization with
regards to mailing lists and repositories that need to be done
(-news-portuguese, -l10n-portuguese, -devel-portuguese,

> This discussion is more than one year old now and I want to know if
> people is still interested or not.

	Yes, both teams are interested and I really want to see
the changes, we are waiting for the Etch release (which happened
3 months ago), probably your message will trigger the final
points to make the final move happen. I will contact DebianPT
and see how can we go further.

> Eu falo pouquinho do português, mas esta discussão deve manter-se
> em inglês. ;-)
> Obrigado,
> 1: http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2006/04/msg00220.html
> 2: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=362165

	I was not aware of the bug, but much probably this is the
way to go, in the past I proposed to give the -l10n-portuguese
to European Portuguese Team, but I'm afraid that the extra work
that it will give for both teams, forwarding and cleaning up could
be a hard time, anyway, Brazilian Portuguese is ready to cooperate
and as Translation Coordinator for pt_BR, I can say that we we
would be glad to clear up the final points and help get this done,
either by supporting the creation of a new list, or by requesting
a new list and moving our team over there.

	Sorry guys for taking so long, let's finally close this.

	Kind regards,
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