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Re: [vorlon@debian.org: Re: Please unblock mkvmlinuz 30]

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On 01/21/2007 11:15 AM, Gustavo R. Montesino wrote:
> Em Dom, 2007-01-21 às 13:49 +0100, Aurélien GÉRÔME escreveu:
>>The following is part of a review for the inclusion of mkvmlinuz 30
>>in Etch...
>>----- Forwarded message from Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> -----
>>+msgid ""
>>+"Your PowerPC sub-architecture supports more than one bootloader, please "
>>+"select the one you want to use."
>>+msgstr ""
>>+"A sua sub-arquitectura PowerPC suporta mais do que um gestor de arranque, "
>>+"por favor escolha aquele que quer utilizar."
>>Sigh... this could be an error in my mastery of pt_PT, but I'm pretty sure
>>"mais do que um gestor" is a mistranslation and that this should be "mais de
>>um gestor", because "mais do que um gestor de arranque" means "your
>>subarchitecture supports more than a bootloader (does)", not "more than one
>>bootloader".  Shame on me for trying to be thorough...
>>----- End forwarded message -----
>>Steve emitted concerns about the pt_BR.po in my package. Can you
>>comment on that? Please keep us Cc'ed, I am not subscribed; I do not
>>know for Steve, but I am sure that he wants to know more about it. ;)
> Is the quoted text about the pt_BR.po or the pt(_PT).po? The translation
> looks like Portugal's Portuguese, and is somewhat strange for us
> Brazilians... An proper pt_BR translation would look like this:
> "A sua sub-arquitetura PowerPC suporta mais de um gerenciador de
> partida, por favor escolha aquele que quer utilizar".
> At least in Brazilian portuguese, "mais de um" and "mais do que um" are
> mostly the same thing, both would be right. 


	If you really look close, Steve is right in his concern about
the meaning of "supporting more than one" and "supporting more than
this". But in this context, we shouldn't have any misunderstanding
(for pt_BR).

> Also, I translated
> "bootloader" as "gerenciador de partida" above because that was what I
> found in the powerpc installation manual translation, but I don't really
> like the term.
> As I'm not involved on debconf translation, it  would be nice if someone
> which is checked it for writing style consistence (faw? andrelop?)

	Just for the record, I'm changing the D-I Manual and related
translations to use "gerenciador de inicialização" when we are
speaking about "bootloader", instead of "gerenciador de partida",
which is used by pt_PT. ;)

> I hope this helps,
> Gustavo R. Montesino

	Kind regards,

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