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mapa conceitual do software livre

Hi all,

Can you please check this concept map?


(It's usefull for give a visual explanation. Its designed for teachers to make 
didactical units, but its usefull too for bussinesman, for politicians, for 
demos or talks... )

We need any sugerence to fix mistakes or anything.

Thankyou for your help

This map is just about free software.  Other traslations can be found here: 

I have one concept map in spanish about "what is needed to be Debian 
Developer" used in   _Las jornadas de software libre de Albacete_   to 
explain Debian Proyect.  If you think there will be interest in it, i can try 
to traslate it to portugues with your help.

I read very well the portugues, but i think i cant write well enogh so i did 
it in english. Sorry about it. Please use portugues with me, i lived 18 
mounths in Portugal when i was 10 years old.

Regards from Mallorca, Spain

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