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Re: Fw: Automating of localizations

O suporte a pt_BR não está incluido no languages-env ainda? se não estiver, eu me proponho a 


Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org> escreveu em Fri, 31 Oct 2003 12:11:22 -0200:

> Amigos!
> Sim, sim, eu sei que mandei esse mail pra a debian-br, mas nos interessa
> também... vamos seguir de perto isso aí, porque pode resolver vários dos
> problemas de localização que temos no Debian!
> []s!
> ----- iniciando mensagem encaminhada ----
>  [Please forgive me for cc'ing to all these addresses, but as you will 
> see I had no choice]
> Hi,
>   First, I would like to announce that Debian as been chosen by the 
> Greek Government as the official linux distribution, to be 
> used/proposed in schools, the public sector and perhaps SMEs.
>   Since I am the only developer in this country I took the role of 
> organizing the process of localizing/organizing the existing 
> localization process in order to have a proper and usable system 
> translated in greek.
>   The goal is this: Use the existing Debian base (NO fork of a new 
> distro) but commit the necessary changes (translations, etc) back to 
> Debian in a way that enriches the distribution and helps the 
> situation of localizations for other languages as well.
>   However, due to the nature of the greek language (and other 
> languages that do not use the latin alphabet, eg cyrillic), some 
> further changes have to be made to ensure that the system is ready 
> for use after the installation. For example, since it will be used in 
> schools by young students, we want to avoid telling them to edit 
> configuration files of X to enable writing in greek.
>   So, we have to automate the process of the localization based on 
> the configured locale of the system. The main targets are: console 
> keymap, X, KDE, GNOME. That is, after installation of these packages, 
> if the locale is set appropriately (LANG=el_GR), they should be 
> automatically configured to support the greek language (reading & 
> writing).
> I have come to the following alternatives:
> * Modify the existing postinst scripts of the base packages affected 
> (console-tools, kdebase, gnome-core (?), xserver-xfree86 ) to detect 
> the presense of the greek locale and present the user with a question 
> to configure the localization (keyboard, etc). Not my favourite 
> method.
> * Create a metapackage (autolocale) that depends on all the above 
> packages and automatically configure the localization settings. 
> Actually this might be used by other languages, there's nothing in 
> the process that excludes automation of the localization process for 
> eg. cyrillic or japanese. 
> This should detect the locale and present the user with questions 
> like:
> "The el_GR locale setting has been detected, would you like to enable 
> support for greek keyboards for the console/X/KDE/GNOME?"
> I believe the second option would be better but in this case there is 
> the case of actually installing the package, ie declaring as one of 
> the base (?) packages for the installation. And what happens if 
> someone does not want to install gnome or KDE or even X, but would 
> like support for the console? Multiple autolocale packages? Dynamic 
> autolocale dependencies? Suggesting/Recommending instead of depending 
> the other packages?
> I would appreciate some feedback esp from the maintainers of the 
> packages affected. 
> -- 
> Konstantinos Margaritis
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Gleydson Mazioli da Silva

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