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Fw: Automating of localizations


Sim, sim, eu sei que mandei esse mail pra a debian-br, mas nos interessa
também... vamos seguir de perto isso aí, porque pode resolver vários dos
problemas de localização que temos no Debian!


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 [Please forgive me for cc'ing to all these addresses, but as you will 
see I had no choice]

  First, I would like to announce that Debian as been chosen by the 
Greek Government as the official linux distribution, to be 
used/proposed in schools, the public sector and perhaps SMEs.
  Since I am the only developer in this country I took the role of 
organizing the process of localizing/organizing the existing 
localization process in order to have a proper and usable system 
translated in greek.
  The goal is this: Use the existing Debian base (NO fork of a new 
distro) but commit the necessary changes (translations, etc) back to 
Debian in a way that enriches the distribution and helps the 
situation of localizations for other languages as well.
  However, due to the nature of the greek language (and other 
languages that do not use the latin alphabet, eg cyrillic), some 
further changes have to be made to ensure that the system is ready 
for use after the installation. For example, since it will be used in 
schools by young students, we want to avoid telling them to edit 
configuration files of X to enable writing in greek.
  So, we have to automate the process of the localization based on 
the configured locale of the system. The main targets are: console 
keymap, X, KDE, GNOME. That is, after installation of these packages, 
if the locale is set appropriately (LANG=el_GR), they should be 
automatically configured to support the greek language (reading & 
I have come to the following alternatives:

* Modify the existing postinst scripts of the base packages affected 
(console-tools, kdebase, gnome-core (?), xserver-xfree86 ) to detect 
the presense of the greek locale and present the user with a question 
to configure the localization (keyboard, etc). Not my favourite 
* Create a metapackage (autolocale) that depends on all the above 
packages and automatically configure the localization settings. 
Actually this might be used by other languages, there's nothing in 
the process that excludes automation of the localization process for 
eg. cyrillic or japanese. 
This should detect the locale and present the user with questions 
"The el_GR locale setting has been detected, would you like to enable 
support for greek keyboards for the console/X/KDE/GNOME?"

I believe the second option would be better but in this case there is 
the case of actually installing the package, ie declaring as one of 
the base (?) packages for the installation. And what happens if 
someone does not want to install gnome or KDE or even X, but would 
like support for the console? Multiple autolocale packages? Dynamic 
autolocale dependencies? Suggesting/Recommending instead of depending 
the other packages?

I would appreciate some feedback esp from the maintainers of the 
packages affected. 

Konstantinos Margaritis

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