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Fw: xfree86: Debconf templates translations dropped from xfree86

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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 22:36:36 +0100
From: Denis Barbier <barbier@debian.org>
To: Debian Bug Tracking System <170591-maintonly@bugs.debian.org>
Cc: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Subject: xfree86: Debconf templates translations dropped from xfree86

Package: xfree86
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-03-15
Followup-For: Bug #170591

[Cc: debian-i18n@l.d.o in order to reach translators]


As explained in #170591, a bug in po-debconf < 0.5.3 removed most
debconf templates translations from the xfree86 package.

Fixed PO files containing those removed strings have been uploaded to

Table below gives statistics for PO files in official xfree86-4.2.1-6
package and in the URL above (with the POT file from xfree86-4.2.1-6):
          xfree86-4.2.1-6  p.d.o/~barbier/debian-l10n/xfree86
  ca.po:    16t 11f 138u       116t 40f 9u
  da.po:    14t 11f 140u       109t 43f 13u
  de.po:    16t 11f 138u       102t 48f 15u
  es.po:    16t 11f 138u       116t 39f 10u
  fr.po:    16t 11f 138u       116t 37f 12u
  gl.po:     6t  5f 154u        45t 24f 96u
  it.po:    16t 11f 138u       112t 42f 11u
  ja.po:    16t 11f 138u       114t 41f 10u
  nl.po:    13t 13f 139u       112t 43f 10u
  pl.po:    16t 11f 138u        17t 9f 139u
  pt_BR.po: 165t               165t
  ru.po:    16t 11f 138u       116t 40f 9u
  sv.po:    14t 12f 139u        43t 30f 92u
(Where t=translated, f=fuzzy and u=untranslated)

So before updating your translation, I strongly suggest you to first
retrieve PO file from the URL above, it could save you a lot of work.


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