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pt_BR translation of "Stand Together"


I'm from Brazil, working with the Debian-BR group on translations and I've
translated your article "Stand Together" to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR),
it was already reviewed by other peers in the translation team, so I think
it's BugFree (TM) enough to have a link in the master document. The url,
also I promise to keep alive :-)



Luis Alberto.

        Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano - lagc@cipsga.org.br
    ICQ#30169722 - lagc no canal #debian-br em irc.debian.org
 Sítio e blogue -> http://www.sovacodecobra.com.br/luisalberto/

    Músico amador                          Tradutor solidário
    Jornalista voluntário             Programador pós-moderno

CIPSGA - Software Livre no Brasil   ->   http://www.cipsga.org.br
Projeto Debian-BR                   ->   http://www.debian-br.org

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