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Fw: vimtutor portuguese translation

Encaminhando pra ver se ninguém está trabalhando (ou trabalhou) nisso :-)


Luis Alberto.

Início da mensagem encaminhada:

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 21:43:42 +0200 (CEST)
From: Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach@wp.pl>
To: vim@vim.org
Subject: Re: vimtutor portuguese translation

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there any page where I can see the translations available for vimtutor
> ? Here in my Debian Woody 3.0, I can find some translations but I
> couldn't find any central reference about vimtutor translations.

All official (accepted by Bram) vimtutor translations are available in 
official vim distribution either in main package or in extra language 

Main reference are other translations. And main problem is large number of 
mnemonics in vim. I solved it with:

1. Using not often common words for some actions
2. Leaving original word for action with polish translation in parentheses

> I'm interested in doing the portuguese translation (pt).
> Only if there isn't one yet, of course :-)

I don't see tutor.pt. Good luck :)

Polish translator.

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