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Re: Call for Translations

Hi Adam,

As you requested some time ago, here's the updated translation for
dpkg's pt_BR.po file. It's a patch generated based on the CVS version
from some minutes ago.

There were only some litle remaining non-translated strings and some
fuzzy translations. Also, lots os deprecated translations were found.
For generating the attched patch I downloaded the latest dpkg CVS
version (did a full checkout), ran update.sh from the po/ directory,
translated what was necessary and , from the dpkg CVS root directory,
issued the following comand :

   cvs diff -u po/pt_BR.po > pt_BR.po

The patch is also gzipped using gzip -9 sintax. Please tell me if I did
something wrong so I could correct myself before dpkg 1.10 being released.


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