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Re: Debian refcard: call to update translation for Polish


On 27/05/16 23:52, Holger Wansing wrote:
> mirekgab <mirekgab@wp.pl> wrote:
>> Hi
>> In attachment translated file.
>> With regards
>> Mirek
> Thanks a lot for your translation!
> I have added a few spaces / no-break-spaces here and there, to get some
> better line breaks in the pdf output. And I have added your name to the
> copyright notice for 2016. The po file is attached.
> Please check if your name is correct, "Mirek Gab" ?
> I have built the pdf for Polish, also attached.
> Could you please have a look, if everything is fine? Thanks

Whoops, it appears that we were both working on it at the same time :)

I submitted a l10n bug with Polish translation (#825570) but Mirek beat
me to it - feel free to close it then.


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