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znaczenie słowa outlook w server-control.wml


Siedzę teraz nad plikiem Bugs/server-control.wml i trafiłem na tekst, na który nie mam pomysłu.
Poniżej fragment z tego pliku:

outlook bugnumber [message number | outlook text]

Selects a message to use as the outlook for fixing a bug (or the current status of fixing a bug). The first non-pseudoheader/non-control paragraph of that message is parsed and set as the outlook of the bug which is displayed on the top of the bug report page. This is useful to coordinate with others who are working on fixing this bug (for example, in an bug squashing party).

If message number is not given, clears the outlook. message number is the message number as listed in the bugreport cgi script output; if a message number of 0 is given, the current message is used (that is, the message which was sent to control@bugs.debian.org which contains the outlook control command).

If message number is not numerical and not the empty string, it is assumed to be the text to set the outlook to.

Nie wiem, jak tutaj przetłumaczyć słowo outlook. Pomysły mile widziane.

Mirosław Gabruś

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