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Re: Concerns about the Polish translation of Debian Installer

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hello,
> The Debian Installer RC1 release string freeze period is over.
> Apparently, you did not complete the translation in your language on
> time to be 100% for it. This, despite numerous reminders sent during
> the string freeze.
> The last update for your language is: 2006-09-21 19:52+0200
> I'm mailing you in order to check the situation and try to have a
> better visibility on the future of Debian Installer translations in
> your language.
> You're still high enough in statistics to not be endangered and have
> the language being disabled like some other have been for that release
> (this is the first time we do so, unfortunately).
> Please ACK this mail even if you can't update translations now. I
> really need to know whether translators are reachable or not.


> This mail is sent to the officially recorded coordinator for your
> language AND often CC'ed to the "backup coordinator" and to the
> translation team address, if one is known. PLEASE CHECK these
> addresses.
> I may write to outdated addresses or somethign similar. If you know
> about alternate addresses for one of these people, please let me know.
> Many thanks in advance for your concern.


       jak to dobrze, że są oceany - bez nich byłoby jeszcze smutniej

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