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Re: Debian Installer translation updates for pl and bs

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 10:56:27AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Bartosz and Safir,
Hello Christian.
> I have some concerns about the translation status of Debian Installer
> in polish and bosnian languages.
Well I knew that someone will bother me about it ;)
> It seems that you missed the last week deadline so that your
> respective languages were not among the "100% translated" languages
> for beta3.
Yep, I missed it. Sorry, but I had many other things to do in that time.
I had some updates in my ~ directory, but unfortunatelly I didn't send
> Moreover, I did not see much activity in your field and I see that the
> translation ratio for pl and bs slowly decreases as long as strings
> get fuzzied by upstream changes.
Well it's hard to see activity made in on own computer ;)
I was updating those files for some time, but I don't like submitting
every one-line change.
> For sure, I do not intend to point fingers on you. You both did a
> great job in translating Debian Installer and the situation is
> currently not *that* critical.
> However, I think it's time to start again working on translation,
> otherwise your languages will not be considered as complete in the
> next release (beta or not, this is currently unknown).
I'll try to stay in touch with next beta. I don't know why, but I am
always missing those beta releases :/
The reason could be that you almost always release it on weekends ;)
> Can you give me some news ? Even if you're currently busy by other
> activities, real life or not...which would be perfectly
> understandable.
I've just commited all of my old translations. 
Hopefully this should bump Polish position in ranking ;)
> Copy to -l10n-polish in case someone could help Bartosz....For
> Bosnian, however, I have no idea if I can ping someone else...
Help is of course always appreciated ;)


I've just updated all translations, so we should reach 100% ;)

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