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Debian Installer translation updates for pl and bs

Bartosz and Safir,

I have some concerns about the translation status of Debian Installer
in polish and bosnian languages.

It seems that you missed the last week deadline so that your
respective languages were not among the "100% translated" languages
for beta3.

Moreover, I did not see much activity in your field and I see that the
translation ratio for pl and bs slowly decreases as long as strings
get fuzzied by upstream changes.

For sure, I do not intend to point fingers on you. You both did a
great job in translating Debian Installer and the situation is
currently not *that* critical.

However, I think it's time to start again working on translation,
otherwise your languages will not be considered as complete in the
next release (beta or not, this is currently unknown).

Can you give me some news ? Even if you're currently busy by other
activities, real life or not...which would be perfectly

Copy to -l10n-polish in case someone could help Bartosz....For
Bosnian, however, I have no idea if I can ping someone else...


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