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Re: po-debconf and cvs

Quoting Bartosz Zapalowski (bartek@klepisko.eu.org):
> Hi
> Polish Debian Documentation Project would like to start translations of
> po-debconf templates. Since there will be more packages using po-debconf



I jumped on this issue, though I don't have answers to you specific
needs (but see Denias Barbier's answer).

I would be very glad to have my own package (geneweb : genealogical
software with web interface) templates translated to polish. The
software itself has some polish translation and I'm in fact currently
trying to have as many debconf translations as possible (kind of a
challenge--> be the package with more translations than any
other... :-)))

The package templates.pot file may be found on 


As usual, the translation (pl.po file) may be sent to me directly or
through a wishlist BR (preferred method).

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