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Re: Important update to ISO 3166 translations


2013/2/12 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>
Dear I18N people,

The iso-codes package provides list of ISO codes for languages,
countries, etc.

It is used by many software inside and outside Debian.

Noticeably, the list of countries is used by the languagechooser
component of Debian Installer. But it's also used in some parts of
GNOME or KDE, for instance.

A few days ago, the ISO-3166 standard has been changed to modify the
name of the "PS" entry, namely now "The State of Palestine".

You can guess this is an important change, particularly sensitive to
people in that region and we need to comply with it as soon as possible.

So, please update translations accordingly (see attached file).

Some of you are working through the Translation Project. The file will
be updated there soon (I hope so), so please ignore this mail.

For others, you can send updates throught the Debian Bug Tracking

Many thanks in advance.


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