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Re: Needed update for Debian Installer sublevel 6 (IPv6 support in network configuration)

Quoting Mahmood RM (mahmoodrm@gmail.com):
> hi Christian :)
> translation done.please commit.thank you...

There is a problem here:

#. Description
#. :sl6:
#: ../netcfg-common.templates:13001
msgid "The ESSID \"${essid}\" is invalid. ESSIDs may only be up to ${max_essid_len} characters, but may contain all kinds of characters."
msgstr "ESSID «${essid}» نامتعبر است. ESSIDها فقط ممکن است حداکثر ۳۲ کاراکتر طول داشته باشند،اما ممکن است حاوی انواع کاراکترها باشند."

The translation does not contain the ${max_essid_len} variable so
there must be something wrong somewhere....

Please also notice that I received another translation from another
person so you may want to coordinate altogether....

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