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Encoding of manpages


In rpm 4.4.1-5, the Korean man pages are encoded in UTF-8.
Can you check if they are displayed correctly in a Korean environment.

IMO, they should be encoded in EUC-KR, however iconv fails to recode the
rpm man page to EUC-KR.

If the man page must be recoded, can anybody check why iconv is failing,
and submit a patch for the rpm.8 and rpm2cpio.8 man page. I think the man
pages use a character that can't be recoded in EUC-KR.

$ LC_ALL=C iconv -t EUC-KR -f UTF-8 < doc/ko/rpm.8 > /dev/null
iconv: illegal input sequence at position 79

I attach the 2 manpages.

Thanks in advance,

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