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Shadow's manpages translation

Dear Debian Korean translators,

It seems that the Korean man pages of the shadow package are not the
translations of the current English man pages.  Can you have a look at
them, and see if they need an update?

In this case, can you provide an update as a bug to the shadow package, or
indicate if the man pages are so different that it should be dropped
because they would mislead users (Note: I may be wrong in claiming they
are different ... I don't speak Korean;)

The French translation was handled with po4a, which permits to translate
the man pages using a PO file, and permits to ease future updates of the
translation).  You can have a look at the man/fr directory in the shadow
source package.  If you want to use po4a, don't hesitate to mail me for
any question you have (e.g. I can prepare you the po4a conf file, provide
the POT file, and fill it with the current translation).

There is an opportunity to include this update in Sarge.

Thanks in advance, and long life to the new debian-l10n-korean list,

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